Post Mortem

This is the post mortem where we answer your questions and we discuss things about the podcast, looking back on it. Thank you for all you did for this podcast while it lasted. If there are questions you have that are not adressed in this episode, feel free to contact us at or @suncityduet on twitter. Thank you again for all you;ve done for this small and short lived pod! 

- Ell and Ben 

Art by @hedgemice on twitter.


11 - Deserters

When someone is murdered, they leave behind a body of evidence. When someone is kidnapped, they leave behind traces of a stuggle. But when someone just walks away, that is the true perfect crime for it is not a crime at all. 

Message From: Ladiline Za Licht

I heard we have a mysterious new cousin, sister. Somebody's been calling themselves a Licht and thought we wouldn't notice. Are you read for a trip?

Hey guys! Sorry for the short notice hiatus! this episode contains some writing and also some announcments just keep listening till the music ends. 

Clip City 2

This is the second episode of Clip City, which is a compilation of cut bits from previous episodes. It includes:

A discussion of the song "I Love Your Toes" from All Hail King Julien
Ell laughing for an entire minute
A perfected Ben AI


Sun City Duet can be found on Twitter @suncityduet

Tell me this Siero, why do revolutionaries write poetry? Because poetry is a way to say "no" louder than we can by simply speaking in our own voices.


8 - Data Collection

if you have information on Larou please, please bring it to me? - Captain Silva 


Sometimes two people ask questions at the same time and it ends up being important. 


Find us on twitter @SunCityDuet. This episode's transcript can be found [here]. Thank you to Jada @sowercookie on Twitter for her help!

So.... IRIS is helpful and all, but somethings bothering me. Who made it? Where did... she come from? 

This week's episode features Oxygen Garden by Chris Zabriskie. 

You can find us on twitter @suncityduet.  The transcript for this episode is [here] (thank you again to Jada @sowercookie for the help!)

Clip City 1

Welcome to the first episode of Clip City! This is a compilation of cut bits from previous episodes and episodes that weren't released. It includes:

Us not knowing what we're doing
Ben living in a well
Toto's Africa
Parts of an ill-advised scene between Maxzy and Wolfhound
A discussion of orbital mechanics


Sun City Duet can be found on twitter @suncityduet. The transcript for this episode can be found [here] (thank you to Jada @sowercookie for the help!)

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